Ljevaonica umjetnina ALU d.o.o. in cooperation with Atelier Jurkić deals with many different building restoration and conservation projects, ranging from the restoration of fittings through to the complete restoration of historic buildings facades.

In many historic buildings, original features such as ornamental handles and other unique architectural fittings are widespread. In most cases, those features are no longer produced. In Ljevaonica umjetnina ALU d.o.o. we restore such features, and if the replacement is needed our artistic locksmiths make the exact replicas of the original ones. Besides that, we create such features of the high artistic value and build them into old historic structures, in accordance with wishes and taste of the ordering party.

Bronze facades and architectural features soon become dirty and disfigured without regular maintenance. The patina on handles and doors often wears quicker than other areas leaving the overall facade with a patchy appearance.

Ljevaonica umjetnina ALU d.o.o. offers regular maintainance of the bronze objects, and if the full restoration is required we make their exact replicas.

The repair and replacement of deteriorated brickwork is a common requirement in many restoration projects. Whether it be reappointing of deteriorated mortar joints, or replacement of damaged bricks, our tradesmen fully respect the original appearance and quality of the original work. We use first quality reclaimed bricks whenever possible, and use new bricks when necessary.

Access to the inevitable deterioration problems in unique historic structures requires an in-depth understanding of the properties of the original building materials, design, and construction techniques.
Our rich experience includes the restoration of traditional copper, clay tile, and slate roofs, the ornamental limestone and marble facades; restoration and repair of ornamental features such as plaster cornices, arcades, cupolas, steeples, sculptures, and building ornamentation.
We also restore vitrages, mozaics, frescos, and gildings
Our employees work in accordance with stringent requirements of competent state institutions.

Milka Bubić Jakić